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As the industry leader in high-end free standing slatwall displays, GOGO Panels manufactures the highest quality ultralight free-standing product displays. Although we do our best to be price competitive with lower quality products, our main focus is on presentation, reliability, increased display life span, ease of use, and durability. We are looking forward to working with you!

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Features at a glance

Portable & Lightweight

Travel without stress to any trade show with everything you need.

Uses standard slatwall fixtures

Our amazing tradeshow booths match well with any standard fixture.

Snaps together

Put your trade show booths together within minutes.

Made of high-impact plastics

Our products are made from the highest quality and are built to last.
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How Our Product Works

GOGO Panels is a slatwall display system that is intended to be used with standard slat wall accessories and fixtures. However, GOGO Panels can be used as a stand-alone backdrop or graphic panel. This is achieved by the installation of laminate, vinyl, or fabric graphics applied to the slat wall front or solid back of the panels. This versatility, rigid strength, and Ultra-light weight design have made GOGO Panels a top seller in its class.


Unlike standard pop up display systems, GOGO Panels floor displays and tower displays are capable of showcasing product that weighs up to 40 lbs per slat, with an overall weight capacity of approx. 100 lbs per 2’ x 2’ panel. We recommend that 32 panels be used to construct an intricate and captivating 10′ x 10′ slatwall display. With a trade show booth designed in a structurally sound manner, using 32 panels, GOGO Panels can hold approximately 3,000 lbs spread out over an entire system.


Until the global market release of GOGO Panels in early 2015, no product of its nature was readily available to the trade show exhibits market. GOGO Panels’ revolutionary design and simple yet practical application, has shattered the former pop-up display and displays-to-go market.


Our plastic ABS material does not lose its resilience and reliability even when exposed to temperatures as low as -4°F and as hot as 174°F. This ensured insured its versatile adaptability to climates and shipping temperatures it would encounter around the world. This effectively ensures long lasting gloss, heat, impact and strength resistance.


GOGO Panels’ internal connector system provides its user with a NO TOOLS REQUIRED, ultra-lightweight, durable, and eye catching trade show booth for almost any occasion. Seemingly limitless configurations can be achieved with a basic set of connectors. This provides the perfect modular and portable display system for indoor and outdoor use. We do not, however, recommend prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

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The Slatwall Display Revolution Is Here

At GOGO Panels we set out to revolutionize the way people showcase their brands and products. In business, you’re constantly competing for attention in a world that’s consistently becoming noisier. We set out to create beautiful products that would not only give our customers a canvas to showcase their company but would also make the process of doing so convenient, affordable and fast! We understand the time and investment it takes to run a profitable trade show marketing campaign in your business. These types of events are busy, exciting and can be a lot of work. If you’ve already invested the time, energy and money to be found…why not ensure that you’re found impressive?


With our innovative booths, towers and wall panels your potential customers will be wowed by the professionalism and sleekness GOGO Panels products have come to command. The beauty of our slatwall displays can only be rivaled by their simplicity. The ease of their transportation and construction has made them highly desirable and the clear choice for world-class exhibitors and the globe.


So, it is time to stop throwing money away on shipping and breaking your back setting up those outdated slatwall displays! With much consideration to every aspect of GOGO Panels manufacturing and versatile ease of use demands, we are proud to stand behind this revolutionary trade show exhibit.