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One of the biggest challenges with trade show displays is designing and manufacturing a product that can withstand the harsh shipping conditions and mobility demands of a display system. Many material types are used industry wide, but picking the perfect one for this application was a necessity! ABS Plastic proved to offer all of the characteristics needed make the perfect portable slatwall trade show display. ABS is well known for its resistance to extreme heat, chemicals, and rugged impact resistance. It is often used to make toolboxes, luggage, and even parts of power tools and furniture. If that was not enough, ABS also has excellent aesthetic qualities!
The key to the versatility of GOGO Panels is our connectors. Seemingly limitless configurations are possible using a small combination of our rugged connectors. Sliding a connector into a panel is as easy as LEGOs! Many of our customers report record booth assembly times! Why spend hours setting up your booth when you can do it in minutes! The connectors are designed as one solid piece to ensure that they will withstand an immense amount of wear and tear year after year, and show after show. The last thing you want is your display to malfunction when it matters most! Thousands and thousands of dollars are spent going to expo after expo to sell your product! Rest assured that GOGO Panels will live up to their hype for years to come. Because they slide into the panel instead of connecting on the outside, the maximum amount of structural stability is achieved and the service life of the system is greatly extended.

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With an ever growing demand for tool less, lightweight, and eye catching displays we decided to bring traditional slatwall into the 21st century. Using a method of manufacturing known as injection molding, we are able to shape ABS plastics to meet the demand and challenges of the display industry. We are confident that you will love your GOGO Panels display. Not only does the product speak for itself, but the team here at is committed to providing excellent customer service and products time after time.
We are convinced GOGO Panels hits every mark we set out to accomplish. Our users seem to think so too. They keep adding new modules. We look forward to getting your testimonial about how much product you sold because people could see what you were offering.
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