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Everything You Need For Your Trade Show

For many large and small companies, trade shows offer a way to effectively advertise their product to buyers all under one roof. Although Expos are not always simple and convenient, there is no better way to directly target quality relevant industry buyers.


Without a doubt, one of the greatest challenges any business faces when exhibiting at a convention is catching the eye of a buyer and making a statement that rises above the visual roar of neighboring booths. The average trade show attendee only spends 3 seconds looking at your booth. Does your display effectively represent your company and convey your message and brand forcefully and effectively?


  • What is the first impression that buyers have of your product?
  • Does your booth truly convey the quality of your business?
  • Can you set up your booth in minutes without any tools?
  • Do you have enough display space?
  • Can your booth grow with your business without having to buying a new display every year?
  • Can you brand and re-brand your booth every year?


GOGO Panels can check every one of those questions off your list!

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Common 10 x 10 Displays

A Modern Twist On Traditional Displays

In fact, Companies using GOGO Panels slatwall displays at trade shows, conferences, and events consistently report they sell more products because people can easily see and touch the products. The GOGO Panels trade show display system provides best in class slatwall features including:

  • Light weight, but very strong panels
  • Fast assembly with no tools
  • Lot of great product display space
  • Versatility to configure in many different ways.
  • Modular parts that allow the booth to expand as big is needed

Take a look at our gallery of customer trade show booths! I am confident you will be inspired.

So what separates GOGO Panels from all the other displays products?

GOGO Panels were designed by people who exhibit at trade shows.

10 x 20 Configurations

Options For Any Size Display

Our team invented GOGO Panels, the product that is revolutionizing product displays at trade shows.  In our case necessity was truly the mother of invention.   After lugging our heavy booth through a massive parking lot in the snow only to be charged an exorbitant amount of money to have our booth moved fifty feet from the roll up door to our booth location we thought there has to be a better way.  We wanted a booth that was lightweight, could be moved on two wheels or easily carried, and would display a ton of products.

It took work to invent.  We called the invention GOGO Panels because they are made for people on the go that want to focus their time on customer interaction and allow customers to see and touch the products being sold.  We suspect you are like us in knowing the products being sold are the reason for having a trade show display.  The booth is an essential but supporting character.

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We also knew the product had to be price competitive. For us this meant total ownership cost including cost to purchase, shipping cost, display area available to product display, as well as versatility and the ability of the booth to be used in small, medium and huge configurations. These requirements drove our modular design.

We are convinced GOGO Panels hits every mark we set out to accomplish. Our users seem to think so too. They keep adding new modules. We look forward to getting your testimonial about how much product you sold because people could see what you were offering.

I look forward to answering your questions.