Product Specifications and Instructions

GOGO Panels

Standard Panel Measurements

All Standard size GOGO Panels measure approx. 24in X 24in – exactly 60cm X 60cm.

Panel Weight Distribution

GOGO Panels can support approx. 100lbs per individual panel or approx. 40lbs evenly distributed across an individual slat.

Note: Because display fixtures and configurations vary greatly, GOGO Panels can only provide approximations. USE CAUTION when setting up and loading your display! Ensure that the display is structurally stable.

Slat and Panel Width

On a Standard 24in. X 24in. GOGO Panel, fixtures can be inserted into 6 slats that are 18.75in. All GOGO Panels are 0.75in. thick.

Lightweight and Rugged

Less than 5lbs each

GOGO Panels Standard 24″X 24″ panels weigh 4.8lbs each, and are manufactured with rugged and reliable ABS Polymer Blend.

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Preferred Communication Type?

Basic set up instructions.

Caution: Slatwall fixtures and displays configurations can vary greatly. Use caution when setting up your display. GOGO Panels and its affiliates are not responsible for the structural integrity of your display.
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