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The same GOGO Panels that are used in floor displays and table top displays can also be used to configure towers. Towers can often improve the aesthetic appeal of your booth. In some cases, your display my not require a full back wall, but you still need some product display space. Our versatile tower designs are a good place to start!

Towers often range from triangles designs to square designs and even hexagons or octagons. Depending on size and location of your booth, you can build a GOGO Panels tower to suit your display needs. GOGO Panels are capable of supporting a shocking amount of weight in product shelving displays, hooks, picture frames, clothing fixtures, or acting as a mobile graphics support system. And that is just the beginning!

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GOGO Panels towers have been used in concerts to hold musical instruments. They have also been set up as projector screens, mall kiosks, salon product displays, outdoor retail displays for farmers markets and flea markets.
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